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Workplace Health & Safety Report

Worksafe Iowa
published a quarterly newsletter entitled Workplace Health & Safety Report through Fall 2004. This newsletter was distributed to businesses and employers throughout Iowa and the surrounding area by members of the Occupational Medicine Associates Network.

Newsletter topics addressed current issues in occupational health and safety research, regulations, and legislation, as well as upcoming continuing education opportunities.

Newsletter Archive (with lead article titles):

Winter 1997, 4(2)
Iowa Study Reveals Lead Hazards in Construction

Fall 2001 8(3)
Workplace Violence
Spring 1997, 4(3)
ADA Mental Illness Guidelines

Winter 2001 8(4)
Emergency Management Guide for Business & Industry

Summer / Fall 1997, 4(4)
Profiles of Fatal Work Injuries
Controlling Healthcare Costs with a Gatekeeper

Summer 2002 9(1)
OSHA’s Goals: Do They Match Yours?
Winter 1998, 5(1)
Hepatitis C and Risk to Health Care Workers

Spring 2003, 10(1)
Mold—Is It a Health Hazard in The Workplace?
Spring 2000 (7(1)
OSHA Ergonomics Proposal Unveiled
Iowa Incidents Highlight Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Fall 2004, 12(1)
Workplace Bullying
Spring 2001 8(2)
Ergonomics: Life After the OSHA Ergonomics Standard
Filing the First Report of Injury via EDI


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