Understanding and Facilitating Rural Health Transformation

Value-Based Care
Assessment Tool

As healthcare payments shift from volume to value, healthcare providers must deliver value-based care to be successful. But delivering value-based care will require new healthcare organization processes, polices, and priorities. Use the Rural Health Value Team’s comprehensive Value-Based Care Strategic Planning Tool (VBC Tool) to assess 121 different value-based care capacities in eight categories. After you complete the online VBC Tool, you will receive a Value-Based Care Readiness Report that you may use to assess your organization’s readiness for value-based care and to develop value-based care action plans.

Follow the links below to complete the Value-Based Care Assessment Tool:

  • Introductory Letter - An overview of the VBC tool... strongly recommended reading prior to launching the online tool.
  • Webinar - Recording (.wmv) of the Rural Health Value Based Tool Webinar, August 27, 2015.
  • Webinar slides - Slides (.pdf) from the Rural Health Value Based Tool Webinar, August 27, 2015.
  • Survey instrument - A .pdf "hard copy" of the VBC tool. You and your team might find it useful to review this document prior to actually launching the online tool.
  • VBC Online Tool - This online tool will record your responses to the 121 different value-based care capacities (will open in 'new' window).
  • Sample Report - A sample report from the VBC Assessment Tool. You can expect to receive your organization's personal report within 10 business days of completing the online tool.
  • VBC Tool Action Plan - Recommendations for moving forward with your organization's VBC Assessment Tool report.