Understanding and Facilitating Rural Health Transformation

Tools & Resources

Health Information Technology

Electronic systems (hardware, software, and supporting processes) that collect, collate, integrate, and disseminate performance data.

Guide to Selecting Population Health Management Technologies for Rural Care Delivery - Optimizing the health of patient populations—population health management—is a foundational component of value-based health care. Population health management technology can support rural clinics and care systems in managing the preventive and chronic care of their patient populations. This RHV guide walks through the process to plan for and implement technology to manage the health of your existing patient populations.

Introduction to Telehealth Resources - Telehealth is an innovative way to support and deliver long-distance health care and services, and can be particularly useful in rural settings. Read on to learn more about telehealth, ways you might implement or expand telehealth services in your community, and what resources are available to help you.

Accountable Care Organization Health Information Technology Framework - Health Information Technology (HIT) plays a critical role in the transformation to value-based reimbursement. This framework is a guide to developing an HIT infrastructure that will support a high performance rural health care system.

Compendium of Rural Best Practices/Models Innovations to Strengthen Rural Health Care - The National Rural Task Force brought together this collection of innovative programs occurring in rural areas across the country. Examples include advancement of medical homes, improving efficiency with Lean methods, using telehealth for patient monitoring, and a rural behavioral health network.

The Physician's Accountable Care Toolkit - The Physician's Accountable Care Toolkit has been developed by the Towards Accountable Care (TAC) Consortium, a consortium of over 40 North Carolina medical associations and organizations. The TAC provides resources (guides, articles, and webinars) to assist providers understand, participate, navigate, lead, and succeed in a value-driven healthcare system. The Physician's Accountable Care Toolkit details Accountable Care Organization (ACO) implementation strategies and operations guidance for physicians. In addition, the TAC has developed unique ACO guides for several physician specialties and community partners.

Responding to Rural Health's Unique Challenges - The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is investing in research that will build a body of evidence on effective strategies for health care in rural areas. Learn more about PCORI's various rural innovation projects, such as telehealth care for Parkinson Disease patients and hospital discharge improvement for rural areas. Information on how to get involved in PCORI efforts is also provided.