Understanding and Facilitating Rural Health Transformation

Tools & Resources

Transitioning to a high performance rural health system that provides the Triple Aim© of better patient care, improved population health, and lower per capita cost will require change. The Rural Health Value (RHV) goal is to assist rural communities and providers achieve a high performance health system by providing tools and resources appropriate for varying levels of change-readiness. The RHV website provides tools and resources designed to facilitate transitions to a high performance rural health system. A variety of organizations/authors developed these resources as models or strategies to support rural community and health care provider transitions.

& Leadership
Decision-making authority, strategy development, leadership performance, and high-level health care organization processes designed to deliver Value-Based Care.
Care integration and coordination (particularly during medical care transitions and for clinically complex patients) that facilitate patient-centered care, improved clinical outcomes, and efficient resource use.
Assessments and strategies designed to enhance the health of all individuals in a community across a spectrum of ages and conditions.
Clinical care foci and processes are designed to deliver Value-Based Care within traditional medical care settings.
Patient and
family engagement
The active involvement of patient/family decision-making and preferences in health care design and delivery.
Health care organization performance measurement and reporting designed to improve patient care, increase population health, and lower per capita cost.
Electronic systems (hardware, software, and supporting processes) that collect, collate, integrate, and disseminate performance data.
Financial risk
Health care organization capacities to moderate risk of harm or optimize risk of benefit relative to Value-Based Care.