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NIH Policy on rigor and transparency

The new NIH guidelines regarding rigor and transparency—an introduction
EHSRC Deputy Director Hans Lehmler talks on rigor and transparency in biomedical research.
"Rigor and What? The new NIH Guidelines"

NIH: Addressing rigor and reproducibility in grant applications
This website provides several examples of rigor in grant applications, with an emphasis on animal studies.

Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research
The website summarizes outcomes of a NIH, Nature Publishing Group and Science-sponsored workshop focused on enhancing rigor in scientific publishing arena.  The principles and guidelines outlines here should be applied to the APPROACH subsection of NIH grant applications.

NIH Frequently Asked Questions regarding Rigor and Transparency
These FAQs address several questions regarding the new requirements regarding rigor and transparency. 

Landis et al.: A call for transparent reporting to optimize the predictive value of preclinical research
This manuscript offers a "core set of reporting standards for rigorous study design" (i.e., randomization, blinding, estimation of sample size, and data handling).  This core set of standards is a good starting point for the design of rigorous and unbiased experiments in the APPROACH subsection of NIH grant applications.

FASEB Issues Recommendations on Reproducibility
FASEB’s Enhancing Research Reproducibility document contains a set of recommendations aimed to promote the reproducibility and transparency of biomedical and biological research.