Injury in Iowa

County Level (December 2008) Data from 2002-2006


Injuries are a major public health concern that affects all Iowans, regardless of age, race, gender, or size of county. However, the distribution of the cause, intent, and type of these injuries varies greatly throughout the 99 counties of Iowa, depending on their population demographics and other factors.

Injuries are preventable. Efforts can be made to reduce the burden of injuries, and those efforts will be most effective when they are tailored to the specific injury burden and the needs of the target popuation. Accordingly, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the University of Iowa Injury Prevention Research Center (IPRC) have prepared this summary of the burden of injury in each county as a supplement to Iowa’s first Statewide Burden of Injury Report.

Individual Iowa county injury reports are available in two-page PDF format, and accessible via:

How to use this county-level report:

This report provides information on the specific burden of injury in each county of Iowa in order to help communities, health practitioners and local policymakers develop strategies and policies to reduce injuries. The report could be useful in the following ways:

Sources and presentation of information:

Information on injury deaths and hospitalizations are presented in this report. Death data are based on death certificates from the Iowa Department of Public Health and the hospitalization data are from the Iowa Hospital Association inpatient discharge data. In the county reports, death rates for the leading causes of injury are presented for each county with the state average and by gender. Hospitalization rates are presented by age group for the leading causes of injury, along with prevention facts.