Pilot/Small Projects Program

Bill Field, PhD, Pilot Grant Director

Application Instructions:

Pilot Grant Information

The Heartland Center Pilot Projects Program was initiated to provide funding sources for research development in occupational health and safety in National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) research priority areas (see Sector Programs from the National Occupational Research Agenda) and emerging, sector-based areas of concern. The research must be conducted in the United States.

Next Application Deadline: February 12, 2016

Pilot Project support is intended for

  • research trainees pusuing an MS or PhD,
  • occupational medicine residents,
  • junior faculty, and
  • faculty developing a new research focus in the occupational safety and health (OSH) field.


  1. To provide initial support for new occupational health and safety investigators to establish new areas of research that address NORA topics
  2. To develop research expertise, capacity and understanding in Heartland Center trainees and in research trainees from other occupational health and safety programs in the region
  3. To encourage investigators from other disciplines to apply their expertise to occupational health and safety research
  4. To provide a regional resource for research trainees and new investigators interested in pursuing new research in NORA priority areas for training institutions in Federal Region VII
  5. To encourage the development of translational/research-to-practice projects

Research Interests:

The Pilot Projects Program is seeking innovative research proposals that have a primary goal of addressing an occupational health-related issue. Previous awardees have studied

  • musculoskeletal disorders,
  • pesticide exposures,
  • silica exposure control methods,
  • biomarkers of chemical exposures,
  • health status of meatpacking workers
  • farm women’s health and safety

As given in the partial list above, the proposals can be on any of a wide variety of health issues encountered in occupational settings.