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Inflamation and Innate Immunity

Director: Paul B. McCray, Jr., MD
Internal Medicine

Co-Leader: Jerrold P. Weiss, MD
Internal Medicine

The Inflammation and Innate Immunity Theme is focused on early events in the continuum that underlie how xenobiotics stimulate or modulate host defense and signal transduction pathways leading to inflammation. The Oxidative Stress and Metabolism Theme is concerned with biotransformation of xenobiotics leading to oxidative damage and the resulting biologic effects. They seek to identify biomarkers that can be used in clinical studies to assess oxidative stress. Inflammation and innate immunity remain as biologically relevant host determinants of outcomes for environmental exposures and several new EHSRC members are making important contributions.


Botond Banfi, MD, PhD
Anatomy and Cell Biology

Eric A. Hoffman, PhD

Gail Bishop, PhD

Alejandro Comellas, MD
Internal Medicine

Lakshmi Durairaj, MD
Internal Medicine

John Engelhardt, PhD
Internal Medicine


Alicia Gerke, MD, MBA
Internal Medicine

Paul B. McCray, Jr., MD

William M. Nauseef, MD
Internal Medicine

Peter S. Thorne, PhD
Occupational & Environmental Health

Jerrold P. Weiss, MD
Internal Medicine & Microbiology

Michael J. Welsh, MD
Internal Medicine

Joseph Zabner, MD
Internal Medicine